About the Company


Gillingham Welding Systems cc has been supplying the welding industry since 1989.

Why Work with Us

Gillingham Welding Systems has a strong commitment to bringing our clients the best quality welding equiment on time, every time. We also provide full backup service for all of our products since the client experience is of the utmost importance to us.

We are the South African agents for Daewoo Welding Equipment and Chosun Welding Consumables, both manufactured in South Korea. We also manufacture locally, a range of wire feed equipment and water circulators, sold under the Gillmach label. Additionally we supply a full range of manipulation equipment such as welding positioners, drum rotators, column and boom etc. To compliment this range, we offer various special application, purpose built equipment.

Running Since 1989

Gillingham Welding Systems has been established on 1989 by Neville Gillingham. His sons Steve and Glen joined later on. Together as a family business they have built the company into an industry leader in locally manufactured wire feed, water circulation and special application equipment.

image of gillmach water cooler
Gillmach Water Cooler
image of gillmach wire feeder
Gillmach Wire Feeder

Our Professionalism

Gillingham Welding Systems only employs the most competent employees to assure quality and quality output for each project. We are dedicated to providing the best possible welding equipment, consumables and associated products at the best possible price, with the highest quality. We strive to make the customer experience something to remember. Our Products are manufactured both in house and sourced from only the best quality Korean suppliers, Chosun and Daewoo.

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image of GWS from the road
The Gillmach Wirefeeder Range

Our Values

"Quality Comes First"

If we are going to put our famly name on our products, you can be sure that it is of only the finest quality. This goes for both our locally manufactured Gillmach range as well as our imported Korean welding equimpent and consumables.


"We Aim for the Top"

We are a modern, quality, family owned and run company that has a history of providing client service that is the envy of our peers. We strive to meet or exceed the expectations of all of our clients, both large and small far into the future so that we remain a supplier of choice.


"Innovation in the Field of Welding"

Welding is far from a glamorous industry, but we at Gillingham Welding Systems don't believe this has to make us a bore at all. We provide an environment for our staff that stimulates creativity and a customer experience that ensures we will remain at the forefront of the welding equipment supply business.

Why Choose Us

If there is a choice of welding equiment supplier, we want to be on the top of it.

  • Corporate member of the South African Institute of Welding since January 2010.
  • Focus on deadlines, we understand that our supply constraints don't get passed on to the customer.
  • In house manufacture, quality control and after sales support for the Gillmach range.
  • Import of the most competitively priced, high quality Korean equiment from Daewoo for which we are South African Agents
  • Consumables imported from the high quality, high value Korean producer, Chosun, for whom we are South African Agents
  • Long term, reliable family owned business with values to match.
  • In the business from 1989 so there are few who understand the welding supply business better than us.
  • Making the customer experience something to remember to keep our clients returning for more.

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