MIG Welder

New arc welding machines that were developed for high productivity, high quality and cost saving which achieves not only the weld-ability with multi welding processes for the price of one unit, but also the ease of welding for various metals and nonferrous metals (for CO2/MAG welding, MIG welding, covered DC electrode arc welding, and arc air gouging)

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Built-In Trouble Shooting Function

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-heat protection
  • Three phase connection error protection
  • Signal malfunction prevention
  • Micro Processor error protection

Excellent Welding Characteristics

  • Vertical position welding characteristics for feeling that welding objects adhere to the base metal
  • High quality welding by application of excellent Micro Processor algorithms
  • Consistent welding voltage and current
  • Beginners can do high quality welding with the new concept algorithm

Welding Functions and Performance Continually Improved

  • Improvement of inferiority of solid wire welding ability, deep-rooted problems of existing welding machines, and start characteristics
  • Exclusive wire mode for solids is built-in
  • Improved characteristics of welding arc start and minimized welding spatter by applying high efficiency Micro Processor & New Concept Algorithm

Built-In Power Saving and Error Indication

  • Temperature error - Lamp is lit
  • Over-current - Lamp flicks
  • Power source disconnection - Lamp flicks for 0.25 sec
  • Electrical power reduction function reduces power consumption by about 250W
  • PCB error pilot lamp
  • Welding machine error pilot lamp

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