Submerged Arc Welders

The DC Submerged Arc automatic welding machines are doing the best for our customer satisfaction by adopting IC + SCR Control Circuits.

Even a beginner can easily use this equipment achieving stability, high quality and high efficiency in welding

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DC Features

  • Uses IC + SCR Control Circuits
  • Wide range of applications
  • From thin to thick sheets can be welded

AC Features

  • Moving core type welder
  • Takes advantage of the variations of leakage flux of an iron core
  • Optimal automatic welder since the windings have enough thermal capacity and endurance
  • Inorganic insulation is adopted

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DW Type Specifications


SUB ARC Type Specifications


Carriage Features:

  • Exclusive use of fillet buff.
  • Easy operation so that even a beginner can use it easily.
  • Left & right side of welded part are convertible.
  • Excellent welding capability.

DWA-150A Specifications


DW-102 Specifications


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